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Electric Green CD (Cady Finlayson & Vita Tanga) - EP

If you've every wondered what an Irish reel would sound like with a wah pedal...
or an Irish rebel melody with a rhumba...
Cady and Vita have combined their musical influences (traditional Irish, North African guitar styles, funky-electric vibe and more...) to create the new Electric Green CD.
It's an EP (ten songs) and it's available as a digital release (itunes, mp3s) and also as a physical cd (limited release) at
Buy this CD at (mp3s)
Buy this at itunes
Buy the Electric Green CD at itunes
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Irish Coffee CD

Irish Coffee blends traditional Irish fiddle tunes with global rhythms and American folk -the sound is uplifting and soulful.
This CD was one of 5 nominated for Best Celtic CD of 2007 by the NAR lifestyle Awards.
Available from and on itunes, rhapsody, and more.
Buy this CD at CDbaby
Buy Irish Coffee at itunes

Harp and Shamrock CD

Lively Irish fiddle music with American folk and world music influences.
Cady is joined by instruments such as the banjo (Rex McGee), mandolin (John Mock), percussion (Jim Roberts), guitar (Elkin Brown), electric guitar (Shane Theriot), harp (Cynthia Wyatt) and accordian (David DiGuiseppe).
this cd is also sold at bandvillage
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Merch for Electric Green CD and FIddleandguitar - Mugs, magnets, t-shirts

Our new zazzle store has products with the beautiful fiddle & guitar logo as well as merch for the Electric Green CD. Mugs, magnets, t-shirts so you too can be part of the Electric Green Team.
Buy merch at zazzle
Be part of the Electric Green Team, get a mug, magnet, t-shirt and more.
Electric Green merch and fiddleandguitar merch from Cady and Vita's Zazzle store.
Buy Electric Green merch at zazzle

Shines Like Silver - CD

Available from and Shines Like Silver is Cady's first fiddle CD, and it has her favorite track of all-time, Down By the Sally Garden.
Buy this CD from itunes
Buy this CD at itunes

Fiddle/guitar logo on mugs/cards/notebooks

We have a new logo for and it is in our new store at
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